Annuncio News on the new „3D Graphics Engine Update” – Public Testing Tuesday, 16 June 2015!

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  1. Check88Mate

    Check88Mate Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    With the new 3D Graphics Engine update being ready for public testing, it’s time for some words from the team.
    This client graphics engine update is something we have been working on for a long time. It's a large feature, which includes new art for all the important assets in our game.

    It not only makes the game run smoother and less laggy when there are many objects on the same map, it also makes things look a lot nicer. At the same time it does not interfere with the actual way the game is played.

    One of the biggest changes in this update is that the game can now utilize your laptop or PC's GPU, allowing it to run much, much more efficiently than even our previous client refactoring (which was already noted by many of you as providing a noticeable improvement).

    The good thing is: it’s optional – so if anyone would prefer the 2D style or is amongst the small number of users whose PC may not be capable of running the new client (less than 10% by our estimates), they can enjoy the game in its current state.

    Two weeks ago we had a few selected players here at the Bigpoint HQ for a first round of feedback. They had a chance to try out several of the important game features (GGs, TA, PvP maps, ??? map) and gave us valuable feedback. They also had these nice things to say:

    "Everything worked as usual – just with better graphics!"

    "Beautiful, esp. zooming in when flying to base. I like being able to watch the ship from many angles."

    "The zoom in by the base looks great. Don’t change this."

    "Everything went well, I didn’t have any lags or so, even when I was surrounded by many aliens."

    Thanks to their feedback, and the results of our many weeks of testing, we’re excited that we can give you guys a chance to already test it. So tomorrow, on Tuesday, the 16th June 2015, at 11:30h CEST we will start the first public test session! (A small FAQ is provided at the end of this text.)

    We still need to iron out some visual effect timings, and work on some items, but overall we're very happy with how far we've come and we believe that when you see and experience the result, you will understand why it has been an important step for DarkOrbit. Many “old” systems had to be revised and re-done for the new engine, giving us much more room for future features.

    The improved client even helped us find out why some “bugs” only appear for some users and not all the time. We discovered that some parts of the current code sometimes produce the occasional hiccup, appearing to be a bug. So we’ve had to optimize these bits too – although they seemed to be totally unrelated to the new version, proving again how complex systems can develop unexpected interdependencies... ;)

    We have no doubt that we'll learn even more once you've had a chance to spend time in the new engine, so we'll be watching your feedback closely. Even when we can't react immediately, we are always reading your comments, watching for feedback, and working diligently behind the scenes to improve the game.

    With this said: we wish you a pleasant time with the 3D graphics engine visual update and hope to see you in game!

    Your DarkOrbit Team

    NB. La traduzione in lingua italiana sarà postata non appena disponibile.
  2. Check88Mate

    Check88Mate Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Ciao Cosmonauti,

    il server test è finalmente aperto.

    Potreste riscontrare rallentamenti dovuti all'intenso traffico.

    Ci scusiamo per il disagio.

    Il Vostro Team di DarkOrbit.
  3. Check88Mate

    Check88Mate Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    A hundredsixteen e [ßûŝŝд•iş•Ćяaźч] piace questo elemento.
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